VUDD+The Joker // Bamboo sunglasses


*PRE-ORDER. Expected delivery June 2017*
Limited edition wooden sunglasses. Handmade from layered bamboo. 
The glasses are made using the same technique as when building skateboards. Layers of wood gets glued on top of each other. This is something that makes the wood more durable. The wood is then shaped for a comfortable fit using pressure. This is a process that can take several weeks to get right. After this the wood gets cut into the correct shapes, assembled and brushed with a very fine sand paper. And it´s all done by hand!
Wood may not the the simples material to use when making sunglasses, but the finished result looks awesome!
And due to variations in the wooden texture you will never find two similar pairs of glasses. They are all unique!
*PRE-ORDER. Expected delivery June 2017*